List of possible fields of research

04.02.2015 11:12

We welcome presenters from any areas of the humanities and the possible fields of research may relate to:


•                     The role of power in constructing memory (censorship and canon/ dissent and subversion)

•                     Redemption as ‘citability’ of one’s own past (narratives of personal and national identities)

•                     Digital memory and identities (avatars, role play games, cosplay)

•                     Gendered memory

•                     Archives as repositories of memory (genealogy, journalism, new media)

•                     Contested memories (subalternity, gender issues)

•                     Memory and progress

•                     Performative memories (commemorations, re-enactments)

•                     Counterfactual memories (authentic vs  fictional memory)

•                     History and historiography

•                     Anthropocene and post-human re-inscription of memory (systematic memory, automatic memory)

•                     Psychoanalysis (memory, trauma, remembering violence)

•                     Memory and the philosophical subject

•                     Non-verbal memory transmission (visual communication, imitation, animal behaviour)

•                     Translating memory


We particularly encourage papers which bring together more than one of these areas, and entail inter-disciplinary research in postgraduate work.